Student Tours and Programs

 Tours and Programs available for groups of 10 or more who have booked their tour at least a week in advance. 
One adult chaperone required per every 10 students.

The Free Enterprise Institute at the Dr Pepper Museum offers a variety of tours and programs based in history, science, and math principles.  Those in public and private schools, home schools, churches, colleges, scouts, sports teams, clubs, and other youth groups find the tours and programs at the Dr Pepper Museum engaging and educational.  We welcome those with special needs to come and participate. 

Based on the history and development of that unique and beloved American soft drink, Dr Pepper, our tours and programs provide a look into the background of two American institutions:  the soft drink industry and the free enterprise economic system. Tours explore the process of how Dr Pepper came to be:  A good idea in 1885 + small and large scale production + advertising and marketing = successful product at home in Waco, Texas and globally!   Tours last about an hour.  Programs include a tour and vary from 2-5 hours.



Waco: Home of Dr Pepper (WHDP)   

Our most popular tour, Waco: Home of Dr Pepper, tells the story of the invention of Dr Pepper and the growth of the soft drink industry.  Groups will meet a re-creation of the inventor of Dr Pepper in the Old Corner Drug Store, explore the bottling room, and enjoy new exhibit areas around the museum.  This tour is very popular and enjoyed by young and old.

Little Peppers (LP)

For our younger visitors (ages three to seven), the Little Peppers tour provides a sensory-rich version of the WHDP tour (above). Those young ones get to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste their way through the museum as they visit the exhibits and enjoy different activities.

The cost is $3 per student. Up to 6 school employees accompanying a student group receive free admission.  Additional adults, parents, and siblings are $3 each. Both tours are an hour long.  A guided tour includes Dr Pepper samples from the Soda Fountain.



Advertising & Marketing Kid Style (AMKS)

The Free Enterprise Institute (FEI) at the Dr Pepper Museum is pleased to offer the only program of its kind to teach the principles of free enterprise and entrepreneurship.  AMKS introduces students to free enterprise economics through workbook materials and multi-media.  The highlight of the day is creating a new soft drink then launching its marketing campaign with a name, slogan, logo, product label, and commercial!  This very intensive hands-on program is suitable for students in the third grade and up and is best for groups with 10 – 30 students.  The program lasts 4½-5 hours.

Cost is $10.00 per student.  This includes admission to the museum, student workbook, all supplies, and a Dr Pepper float from the Soda Fountain.  Two school employees accompanying a group receive free admission.  Additional adults, parents, and siblings are $5.00 each.  Everyone will need to bring a sack lunch and something to drink.    



Create a Soft Drink  (CASD)

Create a Soft Drink is an alternative for groups who cannot stay all day for the AMKS program, but still want to participate in a hands-on educational program. Working in small teams, imagination along with team-work and measuring skills come together to create new soft drinks.  A marketing strategy is developed by each team with a name, slogan, logo and product label for their creations. CASD is designed for students in the 3rd grade and up. This program lasts 2-hours.


Cost is $6.00 per student participant.  It includes admission to the museum, all supplies, and a Dr Pepper float from the Soda Fountain. Two school employees accompanying a group receive free admission. Additional adults, parents, and siblings are $5.00 each.  We welcome classes for students with special needs. 

Authorized Peppers Only (APO)

Join our curatorial staff on a behind-the-scenes tour to look at some of the Dr Pepper and other soft drink memorabilia in our Collections and Archives.  The APO program uses a science approach as we look at how museums care for and store their artifacts and make choices for exhibits.

Cost is $6.00 per participant.  Allow approximately two hours for this program which includes a Dr Pepper float.  There is limited availability of APO programs, so we recommend calling as early as possible to book your tour.  It is only offered on weekdays at this time.

Booking A Tour:

Group tours are for advanced pre-booked groups of 10 or more students/participants.

Call to inqure about weekend programs and rates.


Contact Information

Phone  254-757-1025  ext 129


Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute
300 South 5th Street
Waco, Texas  76701
254-757-2221 (fax)


Please have the following information ready when you contact the museum:

     *Name & address of organization

     *Number of accompanying adults

     *Number of students in each class

     *Age/ grade level

     *3 choices of dates and times 

     *Telephone number(s)



Payment upon arrival.

Special admission rates and program fees are for advanced pre-booked groups of 10 or more. 

Acceptable Forms of Payment:

·         Check or Money Order (Payable to The Dr Pepper Museum)

·         VISA, MasterCard, Discover

·         Cash (Upon arrival only - Please do not mail cash.)

·         Purchase Order :  Please contact the Programs Department. 

       (E-mail   or  call 254-757-1025  ext 129)


Cancellation Policy

Groups needing to cancel should make every effort to let us know within at least 48 hours notice. No refunds of received deposits will be given to groups with less than 48 hours' notice.  Deposits or prepaid admissions may be re-applied to future visits.



A confirmation letter will be sent by email after booking your tour.  Bring a copy of it with you to present at the Admissions Desk upon arrival. 

See you soon at the Dr Pepper Museum!

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