Interested in making your tour at the museum more meaningful?  We’ve got vocabulary words for students to learn before visiting, scavenger hunts to do while at the museum, and follow-up activities for back at school here.  Activities for the Waco: Home of Dr Pepper will work with all the other tours, too!

StormWatch 2013 Tour 4th Grade
4th Grade Teacher Lesson Plan
4th Grade Pre-Visit Activities
4th Grade Post-Visit Activities

StormWatch 2013 Tour 7th Grade
7th Grade Teacher Lesson Plan
7th Grade Pre-Visit Activities
7th Grade Post-Visit Activities

Waco:  Home of Dr Pepper
Vocabulary Words

Scavenger Hunt


Create A Soft Drink and Advertising and Marketing:  Kid Style
Vocabulary Words
Classroom Activities

TEKS:  Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

Authorized Peppers Only
Vocabulary Words
Classroom Activities


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